A video is more than 50 times more inclined to show up at the highest point of page one of Google for a specific catchphrase state than a site, and that’s true. Why would that be? Indeed, halfway on the grounds that video is given more significance than content, incompletely on the grounds that YouTube is a piece of Google (despite the fact that recordings from different stages do rank), and mostly as a result of the manner by which the Google seek computations treat video content. Obviously, the recordings should be set up for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), yet first how about we adopt a glance at Google’s strategy to recordings in their indexed lists.

Videos are considered rich content for searchers and so Google gives them priority in an interesting way. If a video becomes popular enough to get to Google Page 1 or front page of Youtube, then Google pulls it to the top! This is the reason there are frequently two or three videos at the top of most search results – they don’t all deserve the position, but are raised to the top when Google detected them somewhere on the page. This is obviously a large advantage, as it’s quite easy for moderately competitive keywords to push a site to the bottom of page one, but it becomes increasingly difficult to lift it to the top. If you had a video with good optimization, and a link back to your site, then this is of course a welcome shortcut.

A lot of business managers don’t understand how important search engine optimization is or what potential their business would derive from search engine optimization. It is surprising that some business managers don’t even know what SEO is all about. For some that have some knowledge of search engine optimization, they understand the benefits their businesses could possibly derive from investing in SEO.

SEO is a necessity, impossible for any genuine business online today. The supposition that site design improvement is dead as a few people with restricted information say, it’s all untruths and reality still remains that, SEO is the key your business needs to open the development your business want.

Below are the 7 reasons why your business and your video should invest as much as possible in search engine optimization:

1. SEO is still alive and works

All the white hat techniques that help rank your business website and video on some particular keywords still work perfectly. In fact, SEO has become more effective than ever if all the right things are done. The benefit is high organic traffic to your video which in a long run help rank your video in search engines and increase your sales and revenue.

2. It won’t stop working as far as I know

Search engine optimization will continue to be effective. It’s like thinking Google and Youtube won’t work someday, which is almost impossible to think of in 200 years from now. The fact is that search engines are developing more and more with new search features like voice and video search. YouTube has become the second biggest search engine so as the voice search is also getting more popular and people are loving it. The earlier you start working on your SEO the better for you and your business.

3. It is most cost effective

SEO is still the most cost effective form of internet marketing compared to PPC, Google AdWords, Email marketing, or purchasing leads. It is proven to have a higher ROI more than any other form of internet marketing. The strategy is like long term investment that keeps improving your online presence and revenue. Your business will benefit so much from it more than any other marketing tactics present today.

4. SEO holds the highest percentage of your market share

Search engines hold over 85 percent of your market share. Most people search online before making any purchase of goods and services. And this search request is said to be increasing as more people are able to use the internet now from their mobile devices. The least you could do is to make it harder for your potential customers to find your business online. For you to stay competitive online. You need to own a good share of the market and the only way to acquire this is search engine optimization. Be smart about it and make the right decision for your business today.

5. The rise of Mobile users on the internet

Recent results show that mobile search requests have surpassed desktop and laptops search requests. Due to this development, Google has made mobile optimization a ranking factor for websites. These numbers will keep growing as more people are able to access the internet on their mobile devices which are always handy and easy to use. This is another good reason why your business needs SEO. This has also proven to be very effective for Local SEO.

6. Boost your business with content marketing

Having quality and unique content on your website means a lot for your business. This is because recently Google started paying a lot of attention on content. Not having quality content on your website will affect your ranking as Google use this as a criterion for ranking your keywords and website. Google algorithm updates bring about new changes and these are the things that matter. Get your content straight and social media indicators right.

7. Your competitors are already doing it

You may not understand why your competitors are making more sales and expanding more than you. The secret is that; they have already started SEO before you. Is not too late, start today and continuously work had to outrank them. Also, remember SEO is not an ending process. You need to continuously work on it to maintain your positions on your keywords otherwise, your competitors will take over you.

Getting people to watch your YouTube video creations first requires you to understand why they watch videos in the first place. In the broadest sense of this, they are curious about what you have created because your title or topic has intrigued them or someone has sent it to them to take a look at which raises their curiosity level and they choose to check out your creation because of this curiosity. So knowing this, you will be wanting to employ strategies that will encourage people to share your creations and the easiest way to do this is through to rank your video on youtube searching engine